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        Keyword Model
        Site Search:
        NXP ( 14891 )
        FAIRCHILD ( 7875 )
        MAXIM ( 61347 )
        ON ( 17984 )
        AD ( 17930 )
        ST ( 11316 )
        IXYS ( 4203 )
        AVAGO ( 6616 )
        TI ( 44715 )
        INFINEON ( 5330 )
        ATMEL ( 4006 )
        ALTERA ( 6851 )
        MICROCHIP ( 22450 )
        TOSHIBA ( 12995 )
        CIRRUS ( 722 )
        About us

         About us

        Since the establishment in 2003, QIDA(HK)ELECTRONICS TECH CO., LIMITED has grown into a specialist by accumulating access to 1 billion inventory files from all major brands, OEMs/ODMs, and EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Service) manufacturing plants around the world.

        We are a stocking distributor of I.C.s, Diodes and Transistors, Connectors, Switches, Capacitors and Resistors, LED, Sensors, Modules etc. Our services include Inventory Stocking, BOM Kitting, Spot-buying, Shortage Supply, Small Ordering, Excess Stock Resell and other value added services. 

        Qida made a turnover of 50 million US dollars in 2013 and we’re committed to doubling it within next 3 years .

        Our Advantages:

        Quality--ISO9001 certified, 100% original.
        Service--Globally sourcing, 7*24 operations, 1 hour feedback.
        Channel--Professional world-wide online and offline procurement sources.
        Price --The most competitive price in the world market.

        News [more]  
        · 熱賣:NXP Series model · Selling 6 Atmel Corporation all ser
        · Selling 5 Atmel Corporation all ser · Selling 4 Atmel Corporation all ser
        · Selling 3 Atmel Corporation all ser · Selling 2 Atmel Corporation all ser
        · Selling 1 Atmel Corporation all ser · Selling 11 STMicroelectronics all s
        · Selling 10 STMicroelectronics all s · Selling 9 STMicroelectronics all se
        · Selling 8 STMicroelectronics all se · Selling 7 STMicroelectronics all se
        · Selling 6 STMicroelectronics all se · Selling 5 STMicroelectronics all se
        · Selling 4 STMicroelectronics all se · Selling 3 STMicroelectronics all se
        · Selling 2 STMicroelectronics all se · Selling 1 STMicroelectronics all se
        ·熱賣:NXP Series model
        ·Selling 6 Atmel Corporation
        ·Selling 5 Atmel Corporation
        ·Selling 4 Atmel Corporation
        ·Selling 3 Atmel Corporation
        ·Selling 2 Atmel Corporation
        ·Selling 1 Atmel Corporation
        ·Selling 11 STMicroelectronic
        ·Selling 9 STMicroelectronics
        Not clear? Tap
        New Product Design [More]

        DG9454 Vishay

        Linear 32 channel launched LT3746 LED drive

        Microchip launch integration LCD control functions of eight PIC microcontroller ®

        Maxim 1200MHz to launch the fully integrated 2000MHz, double channel down-transducer mixers




        MMA8450Q 3-軸加速計

        Selling 6 Broadcom Limited a [ 2016-09-29 ] Selling 5 Broadcom Limited a [ 2016-09-29 ] Selling 4 Broadcom Limited a [ 2016-09-29 ]
        Selling 3 Broadcom Limited a [ 2016-09-29 ] Selling 2 Broadcom Limited a [ 2016-09-29 ] Selling 1 Broadcom Limited a [ 2016-09-29 ]
        Selling 13 AD all series pro [ 2016-09-28 ] Selling 12 AD all series pro [ 2016-09-28 ] Selling 11 AD all series pro [ 2016-09-28 ]
        Selling 10 AD all series pro [ 2016-09-28 ] Selling 9 AD all series prod [ 2016-09-28 ] Selling 7 AD all series prod [ 2016-09-28 ]
        Selling 6 AD all series prod [ 2016-09-28 ] Selling 5 AD all series prod [ 2016-09-28 ] Selling 4 AD all series prod [ 2016-09-28 ]
        Selling 3 AD all series prod [ 2016-09-28 ] Selling 2 AD all series prod [ 2016-09-28 ] Selling 1 AD all series prod [ 2016-09-28 ]
        TI/Texas Instruments origin [ 2016-05-11 ] ITG-3200 [ 2014-05-05 ] MC33078DR2G [ 2014-04-16 ]
        DNOQ44QCV106A DN0Q44QCV106A [ 2014-04-04 ] HOT OFFER AD5683RARMZ [ 2014-04-04 ] AT25DF161-SH-T,ATMEL [ 2013-08-22 ]
        SP431CAS23RGB,syncpower [ 2013-08-22 ] 88E6095FA3-LGO1I000,MARVELL [ 2013-08-22 ] DS12C887+ [ 2013-08-07 ]
        ISL9220IRTZ-T [ 2013-05-21 ] SM8S36A,vishay [ 2013-05-09 ] UA78L05AIPK [ 2013-05-06 ]
        Key Photo Model Quantity Brand Category Year Price Currency Date
        1384271470 STM8S003F3P6TR 50000 ST ST 2018 Get Quote USD 2018-05-23 15:41:27
        1384271469 STM32F103C8T6 50000 ST ST 2018 Get Quote USD 2018-05-23 15:41:27
        1384271468 LM358 50000 ST ST 2018 Get Quote USD 2018-05-23 15:41:27
        1384271467 STM32F103RCT6 100000 ST ST 2018 Get Quote USD 2018-05-23 15:41:27
        1384271466 2N7002 200000 ON ON 2018 Get Quote USD 2018-05-23 15:41:27
        1384271465 TMS320F28335PGFA 50000 TI TI 2018 Get Quote USD 2018-05-23 15:41:27
        1384271464 ATMEGA328P-AU 30000 ATMEL ATMEL 2018 Get Quote USD 2018-05-23 15:41:27
        1384271463 TPS5430DDAR 200000 TI TI 2018 Get Quote USD 2018-05-23 15:41:27
        1384271462 ADM3053BRWZ-REEL7 15000 AD AD 2018 Get Quote USD 2018-05-23 15:41:27
        1384271461 TLP185GB 50000 TOSHIBA TOSHIBA 2018 Get Quote USD 2018-05-23 15:41:27
        1384271460 ATMEGA8A-AU 50000 ATMEL ATMEL 2018 Get Quote USD 2018-05-23 15:41:27
        1384271459 TIP122 50000 ST ST 2018 Get Quote USD 2018-05-23 15:41:27
        1384271458 TLP281-4 40000 TOSHIBA TOSHIBA 2018 Get Quote USD 2018-05-23 15:41:27
        1384271457 BC846B 100000 NXP NXP 2018 Get Quote USD 2018-05-23 15:41:27
        1384271456 MAX3232ESE 15000 MAXIM MAXIM 2018 Get Quote USD 2018-05-23 15:41:27
        1384267134 PSCS0DHX0 15000 TOSHIBA TOSHIBA 2015 Get Quote USD 2018-04-28 11:29:35
        Contact us
        Hong Kong Head Office
        Tel : 00852-26681868
        Fax : 00852-26681899
        Shenzhen Office

        Rm. A, 21/H, Yonghui Tower, Guoqi Building, South Shangbu Rd., Futian District, Shenzhen,China

        QIda salon
        ·The Chinese-English cross ta
        ·6 Improving Business English
        ·The main type of letter of c
        ·Every kind of molding tool c
        ·Machine in common use Englis
        ·Surface processing, hot proc
        ·Machine in common use Englis
        ·The United States theest mos
        Brand management
        Newbie Central Payment Shipping Method Service Help Center
        Orders and status
        My Orders: Order Status
        Membership Integrating System
        Pay Online Frequently Asked Questions
        Shipping Time and Shipping Area
        Standard Shipping Charges
        Return Process
        Commitment to Service and Quality Assurance
        Customer Complaints
        User Feedback
        Forgot Password
        QIDA(HK)ELECTRONICS TECH CO., LIMITED Technical support: Delta Network
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